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Wireless Expense Management Software

Immediate Mobile Savings

 CELAWARE is the world’s only intelligent Mobile Expense Management platform that proactively reduces your Mobile Expenses


Excess and Under Use

CELAWARE focuses on excess and under use. Determine what handsets
aren’t being used in either/or text, voice or data.


Full access real time reporting to cancellation fees and months
remaining on contracts.


Upgrade handsets directly from the site , increasing purchasing


End users are able to service their handsets directly through the
service provider within the App, reducing your administrators down
time in dealing with each end user’s service issues

GPS Tracking

An integrated real time GPS platform allows for tracking of
handsets, dispatch messaging and as well as Geofencing


Benefit from an array split or sharing  billing options.   Allow employees to share in the monthly billing costs, data add ons, overages or any additional and excess usage; billed right to their credit cards


Mobile carrier’s pooled billing is based on a first come first used basis. CELAWARE reverse engineers voice and and data pooled billing to an actual amount used perspective, rather than WHEN an amount that was used.

CELAWARE illustrates proportinate and ACTUAL usage, accurately allocating costs to the end users, departments or internal financial coding , rather than WHEN the data was used.


Through Artificial Intelligence, CELAWARE provides on going
recommendations by reporting to you, your carrier and your
subscribers as to what airtime rates and features best suit their
individual calling patterns lowest costs and maximized use.

Customized for Your Business

Identify High Mobile Costs

Set Monthly Allowances

Increase Awareness

Get Control of Your Cellular Bills

Explore how Celaware has helped some of our clients reduce their mobile wireless bills by 40%

Live Notifications

Get notified the moment your mobile device reaches a predetermined condition


Customize Mobilive to notify you or your admin team of roaming, long distance, data overage and more…

Just-in-Time Support

Notifications can go directly to your SMART-CELL support team to help you resolve issues as they happen

Control Unexpected Expenses

Add Long Distance, Roaming or Data packages to control unexpected overage charges