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World Class Wireless Administrative Tools

We develop software to help our customers

manage their Mobile Wireless Fleets

Celaware and Mobilive are SMART-CELL’s proprietary apps and applications designed to help our clients take control of their cellular fleet costs and gain back their time managing mobile wireless bills

Save Time

Control Costs

Organize Your Bills

Get Live Updates

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Mobile Wireless Invoice Management System

Customized for Your Business

Identify High Mobile Costs

Set Monthly Allowances

Increase Awareness

Get Control of Your Cellular Bills

Explore how Celaware has helped some of our clients reduce their mobile wireless bills by 40%

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Real-Time Wireless Device Management App

Live Notifications

Get notified the moment your mobile device reaches a predetermined condition


Customize Mobilive to notify you or your admin team of roaming, long distance, data overage and more…

Just-in-Time Support

Notifications can go directly to your SMART-CELL support team to help you resolve issues as they happen

Control Unexpected Expenses

Add Long Distance, Roaming or Data packages to control unexpected overage charges

Never an Unexpected Charge Again

Explore how Mobilive can help your business reduce roaming, long distance an data overages and never have another surprise on your monthly bill